WSS Marine & Offshore Services

WSS Marine & Offshore Services Pte Ltd is a primary business is procuring supplies for the marine and offshore industries. Products include engine parts,deck tools, anchors and chains as well as ropes and deck fittings.


 Besides products, we also provide fabrications and engineering services for customers. Another area which we specialize in insulation contracting jobs, materials and supplies to rigs.

 These products and services support our wide base of local and international customers covering reputable names in the FPSO, Oil & Gas industries, Passengers cruise yachat, Tankers, Rigs in Oil & Gas Industries.

 Key to our success is our competitive pricing and dedication to excellence. Within the company an experienced and well trained team is constantly looking out for the better product and better prices. We also work untiringly 24/7 round the clock to ensure that your needs are fully and timely met. This dedication to providing the highest quality products and services earned us many long terms partnerships from across industries.